By adding modest amounts of muscle you increase your metabolic rate which burns off fat - even when you are not working out. Plus the added muscle makes you look great.


We'll bring you up to a base level of performance - then build from there. Our starter personal training program works in phases:


Phase I

1 - 2 Months

We'll start off slow by re-acquiring aerobic capacity & building a strong core. I'll also give you a nutritional guide to follow. 

Phase II

2 - 6 Months

During Phase II, we will work at a quicker tempo to build muscle mass and endurance while reducing body fat.

Phase III

6+ Months

Continue to increase lean body mass and reduce fat while bringing you to a true athletic appearance and capability.


Light Body Building

If you want to look great and gain strength, some light body building is a great option. Work on building muscle tone, size, and definition while simultaneously shedding body fat. It's a win-win.


Targeted Weight Loss

Have a special event such as a wedding or reunion coming up? Accelerated but controlled weight loss will have you ready in no time. 

Advanced Programs

If you're already at a high fitness level and are looking for something different, advanced programs are also available.